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AcroYoga: Playful Embodiment of the Yamas (FREE)

AcroYoga: Playful Embodiment of the Yamas

AcroYoga is a blend of acrobatics, yoga, and Thai massage.  This AcroYoga class will be a playful, embodied exploration of the Yamas.  The Yamas are five ethical guidelines from Patañjali's Yoga Sūtras for training your actions, speech, and thoughts in relation to the external world, particularly with other people.  No experience with AcroYoga is required--only a willingness to take your yoga off the mat, and even into the air as we lift each other up, both literally and figuratively.


Yoga Day is LMU's annual celebration of the Yoga tradition, experience, and its many expressions—past, present, and future. The event is completely free and open to the public for brand new practitioners and experienced ones alike.

Jenn will be at Yoga Day offering this very special AcroYoga class!  Schedule TBD, check back soon to see exact timing.

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