Stretching & Massage Therapy

Assisted stretching is ideal for the following

  • athletes, particularly runners, weightlifters, and cyclists
  • low back pain and hip issues related to sitting for extended periods of time
  • increasing flexibility and range of motion

Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage: perfect for general relaxation, circulation, and improved sleep.

Thai Massage. Also sometimes called "lazy man's yoga." Like assisted stretching, clients remain fully clothed.  However unlike other modalities of massage or stretching, it is done on a mat on the floor.

Bridal yoga & massage packages are also available for your special day!


Private and semi-private yoga instruction available in the following styles:

  • Hatha Yoga: breath and alignment-focused classes in which poses are held for longer periods of time.
  • Yin Yoga: a more gentle, restorative style.
  • Slow Flow: mindful movement between poses that also incorporates breath control.  Classes begin with strong heat-building postures and end with slower, more passive stretching.


Workshops also available on mindfulness, the Yoga Sūtras, and how to cultivate psychological flow through yoga practice.

AcroYoga and AYFit


AcroYoga is a fun team building exercise that is perfect for strengthening bodies, minds, and communities.  No partner nor previous experience is required.  I offer public and private classes in the following:

  • AcroYoga is an infectiously fun practice that incorporates the strength of acrobatics, the mindfulness of yoga, and the healing aspects of Thai massage.  Classes include warmup, "flying," and cool-down.  Safety and clear communication techniques are emphasized.
  • AcroYoga Therapeutics is a restorative blend of passive stretching and grounding techniques from AcroYoga and Thai massage, excellent for relaxing both mind and body.
  • AYFit (AcroYoga Fit) is an hour-long upbeat fitness-oriented class guaranteed to make you sweat and smile!